Practical information

How does it work?

I receive your application via email with:

A picture of the person on whom the attunement is being made. It is important that the person appears alone and that the facial shapes are good visible; my personal preference is that the person is looking at the camera.

Date of birth of the person on whom the attunement is being made. In case the person has passed away, I also require her date of death.

Questions:there can be as many questions as desired, regarding diverse subjects.

I might ask you for some additional information in advance, especially if we don´t know each other previously and depending on the content of the questions. It is of great help for me to know something about the context of your life, before I make a connection with you and with your situation.

Once you have shared all this information with me, you get an email confirmation of your application with my bank account details. As soon as I receive your payment I have two weeks time to make the attunement. I send it to you via email once it is finished, as a PDF attachment.


I very much appreciate it if you send me a feedback via email, telling me how the attunement has affected you and if you have any kind of comment, whether it is positive or negative, and of course if you have questions. This doesn´t need to happen immediately, but I do consider it important that you take some time to do this, on your own timing.


All attunement types have the same price:

Standard price: 65 euros

Discount (for exceptional cases): 45 euros