‘Child in Mind’, originally Luisterkind, is a method used for channeling created by Diana Hendriks van Beaumont, Dutch writer, orator and instructor. One of the main particularities of this method, if we compare it to others like Akasha Chronicles, Readings, Healings or Reiki, is that the light being which we make a connection with is always the higher self of the person who is receiving the treatment. In other ways of channeling we often get messages from the person’s guides. The ‘Child in Mind’ method uses the word ‘attunement’ rather than ‘channeling’.

What is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self is our Divine Self that goes even beyond our soul. It is the version of ourselves in the highest vibration possible and reaches the knowledge of our soul’s trajectory in all her past, present and future lives, and even her existence before her transit on this planet. With such infinite knowledge, our Higher Self is able to look down to our current worrying matters with great relativity and openness. It also offers us a glance that is full of the highest degree of unconditional love that is possible.

What if I don´t believe in all this?

It is possible that all these terms don´t resonate in your beliefs. Even in this case you can take the benefits of a channeling of this kind in this way: we can redefine the source I connect with as your energy, or a version of yours that goes beyond matter, or even your unconscious mind. Yes, that one who made you have revealing dreams or made you think of a close person of yours just before she called you on the phone.

Why the name ‘Child in Mind’

The reason why Diana Hendriks van Beaumont chose this term, being it so that her method does not only apply to children, but it reaches people of all ages and in all kinds of situations, is that it was given to her during a channeling. It is a name that appeals to the inner child of the person, which is that pure energy that is full of potential and that resides inside of each one of us.

In my opinion, ‘Child in Mind’ is also a name that does justice to the importance of listening to children in all their expression, these being too often victims of the lack of real communication with them, in a world governed by adults and sadly narrowed down by their rules. ‘Child in Mind’ is a tool that is especially valuable because it’s free from verbal or mental limitations, which are often the ones that set us apart from children in our effort to attune to them.

Healing at an unconscious and energetic level: double benefit

Once we have established the connection with your Higher Self or your energy, I receive, through sensations, emotions, images or words, an information that responds to the moment you are at right now and to the questions that you previously have asked me. Every question brings up a specific energy that I am able to develop in terms of an answer, more or less concrete, which can manifest itself as a reflection or as advices, tricks and/or guides to look at the situation in a broader way and especially with more love. But this doesn´t end up here. Regardless of whether you even get to read the attunement or not, just by the intention that you bring into your questions and into looking for help by me, and due to the fact that I establish this connection, there is a healing work that is being done at an energetic level which will have positive consequences in your live, either in a short or a long term. It is important to take this fact into consideration, since there are messages that might not be received completely, or not at all, depending in which state of mind the person who reads them might be. But the good news is that the Divine intention in this work is able to go through the emotional and/or mental barriers that we sometimes have, which stop us from growing and developing.