Different types of ‘Child in Mind’ attunement

Children and babies

As parents, we often would love to be able to communicate with our children, especially if they are young, at an ‘adult’ or more conscious level, so we would understand the processes they go through and the cause of particular problems in their development or in their behavior. When it comes to applying for an attunement, it is most frequently the parents who ask the questions we will be working on, besides when it concerns children from 10 years old. In these situations, children may ask questions themselves instead, or as well as the parents, if that would be their wish.


A ‘Child in Mind’ attunement can help you out at times of crisis, hesitation, transition at a professional or a personal level or personal or spiritual introspection. It is compatible with any other type of therapy, just because it comes from your own source. It is an extra ‘brushstroke’ that can help you to see things from a more detached or elevated point of view, free from judgments and interferences that come from other people. It is actually connecting with your self, but then in another plane that is above the emotional loads that we suffer every day. I might not be totally crystalline ‘filter’ as a listener, but after all, the information is yours and comes from a place that is full of light, consciousness and love.

People who can’t speak or express themselves at a conscious level

The ‘Child in Mind’ method is especially helpful for people who can´t express themselves through language, whichever this might be, due to an illness, a state of coma or a disability. These people are especially wishful to being able to communicate as we who have not such barriers do, and because of this reason the attunements done on them are often particularly fluent and spontaneous.

Baby wish

You may have difficulties to conceive or you’ve been waiting for this magical moment for too long and you wish to have some insights about your process in order to reach this goal, regardless what doctors or statistics may tell you.If this is the case, making a connection with the soul of your potential future baby through a ‘Child in Mind’ attunement can open up an inner space of hope within you. Also connecting with your highest energy can give you answers in terms of which aspects of your life need to mature or in which areas you can be helped in order to prepare the path towards your desired motherhood/fatherhood.

No matter what the result of your process may be, in these moments of uncertainty you can take profit from a perspective that is free from social labels, old generational weight or irrational blockades and fears that don´t let you flow with the biology and cycles of your body.

People who passed away – ‘Bridge between lives’

The line that separates the different planes of consciousness and the different dimensions is becoming thinner and thinner. This allows that our connection with our beloved ones that passed away is much easier nowadays than we can imagine. It might be that someone very close to you is no longer next to you at the physical level but you feel his/her presence through diverse messages, at times: physical sensations, unexplainable sounds, bright dreams, gut feelings, ‘coincidences’… By using a Levensbrug (‘Bridge between lives’) ‘Child in Mind’ attunement you can connect with that person at a more conscious and expounded way, asking her the questions that you need. She will be delighted to receiving your intention to establish a contact with her and to answer your questions and share with you the state in which she is right now.

Healing the birth trauma

If you feel that the way you arrived to this world, or the way you gave birth to one of/your children was especially traumatic, or that some difficulties of your current life of your children’s life can be related to your or their moment of birth, it is possible to process and transcend this would by means of a ‘Child in Mind’ attunement oriented to this particular matter. The benefits of this work are, in this case, for both mother and child, regardless on which of them it may be done.

Energetic ‘guests’ and spiritual guides

As well as our deceased beloved ones, there are souls that, due to affinity reasons at particular vibrational levels, can accompany us and stay with us for a while. Regardless whether their effect on us is positive or negative, sometimes it can be useful to establish a dialog with them in order to help them find their path to Light. We can set them free by helping them understand their energetic attachment with is and by letting them see that being together is not necessary anymore. In this way we set ourselves free from the particular vibration that was attracting them, and we get ourselves to solve the conflict that was generating this vibration. 

It is also possible to establish a connection with the spiritual guides of a person. These can be deceased people who were very dear to her and that accompany her in a positive way, and therefore not necessarily need to leave her. Another spiritual guides can be Light beings such as angels, beings from other planets and ascended masters.

Energetic cleansing of spaces

As well as we can clean the energetic field of our physical body (our aura), we can also clean spaces from heavy or blocked energies. Through an energetic space cleansing attunement we can help those energies to unblock or send them to the Light, leaving behind a light space where our own energy can expand and manifest in high vibration where we live or work, or even where we are spending a few days on vacation.